Providing one-on-one brain tumor support


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We're here to help in any way we can in the fight against brain cancer.

Contact: Greg Cantwell


Mailing Address:

Greg's Mission

148 Kemah Drive

Kyle, Texas, 78640


Call 24/7: 612-437-5903




The form below contains some questions that will allow us to become familiar with who you are and what you have been through so far. We will use these questions to provide the best support possible.  


If you are a caregiver or loved one of someone who has been diagnosed with brain cancer, we encourage you to consider discussing the survey with this person before submitting any information about his or her diagnosis. We maintain all information that you provide in accordance with our Privacy Policy.


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"Staying positive can be hard at times, but you have to focus on what you believe your outcome will be. I am going to kick cancer's butt! Stay strong, get rest when you need it and call on your friends and family for support. To admit that you need help is not a sign of weakness. You are not a statistic! You should be treated as a person not as a diagnosis."

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Greg's Schedule:


April 27-30, 2016

ONCNS Conference in  San Antonio , TX


June 3-7, 2016

ASCO Conference in Chicago , IL


November 17 -20, 2016

SNO Conference in Phoenix , AZ