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Board members

Gregory J. Cantwell - Survivor

Greg Cantwell was 30 years old when he was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma (a primary brain tumor). Even though Greg had the support from his family and friends he didn’t know anyone that could relate to the fight he was about to embark on or beaten the same type of cancer.


Now, his mission is to help you fight through this disease.


Phone: 612-437-5903


Board Members

Empower Yourself

Through the knowledge of somebody who has also experienced brain cancer.

Dr. Stephanie Nowysz

A native of Muscatine Iowa, Dr. Stephanie Nowysz (pronounced No-vish) has devoted her career to dental care. She earned a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Iowa and served as a dental hygienist for thirteen years. She worked for private practitioners as well as the dental coordinator for the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at the University of Iowa Center for Disabilities and Development. During that time she earned a Master’s degree in Dental Public Health and four years later her Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Iowa College of Dentistry.


After working as a dentist for the Iowa Department of Corrections, she acquired Classic Smiles in 1998. Through her own dental practice she has enjoyed serving the dental needs of families and students in Iowa City. At Classic Smiles they provide general dental care at their convenient location, 611 East Burlington St in Iowa City.


Dr. Nowysz is an active member of the American Dental Association and has been a past president of the Johnson County Dental Society. She supports the Iowa City Free Medical/Dental Clinic. One of her passions is to provide dental care for underserved populations such as at risk and developmentally disabled children and young adults. She has donated used dental equipment to the University of Louisiana after hurricane Katrina for emergency dental clinics.

Brian Wegmann - NuCara Management Group, Inc.

Brian Wegmann's ties to the pharmacy business date back to 1991 when he first

joined NuCara Pharmacy, as an after school front-end clerk for NuCara

Pharmacy in Dyersville, Iowa. His responsibilities included customer service,

store maintenance, stocking shelves and making deliveries. From 1993-1996,

Brian worked as a technician at NuCara’s pharmacy in Waterloo while attending

college. Following college, Brian's role in NuCara expanded as he assisted the

Director of Operations, eventually becoming Assistant Operations Manager in

1997. In 2000, Brian was named Director of Operations, and in 2004 Brian was

promoted to Executive Vice-President of NuCara. As EVP, Brian was responsible

for the day-to-day operations of 11 pharmacies in Iowa, one in Illinois and one in

Austin, Texas, including third-party contracts, financial affairs, strategic planning,

and issues related to the companies' 145 employees. In 2006, Brian was named

Chief Executive Officer of NuCara and became a shareholder in the company.

Under Brian’s leadership, NuCara has grown to now include 25 pharmacies

throughout the Midwest and over 325 employees. Today Brian continues to

serve as the CEO of NuCara and is working diligently to continue the

transformation of NuCara into a more complete health care company, centered

around the goal of keeping NuCara’s patients independent, active and healthy.

Kellie Lindblom

When Greg approached me about joining the board of Greg’s Mission I could not say “yes” fast enough. January 15th 2007 was a day that forever changed my life as well as my whole family. It was Martin Luther King Day. Even the bank is closed but we have an annual team building retreat every year. I had just finished lunch and heard my cell phone beep, I had a message. I started listening to it and it was my sister Kim. “You need to come home as soon as you can, we think Mom has had a stroke” the words confused me, I stood up made my way to my boss and said I need to leave my Mom has had a stroke. I was shaking so much he drove me to my house. My brother Kevin and I along with our families made the silent trip to Marshalltown and met our Dad, sister and Mom at the hospital. Initial MRI readings confirmed a brain tumor. They felt it was 95% benign.  Mom would have surgery in about 10 days and they thought everything would be ok.  January 25th after 9 hours of surgery her doctor gathered us all (myself, my siblings and my father) in a room and said, “I am sorry your Mom’s tumor is very different than I had first thought, she has a Stage IV Glioblastoma Multiforme.”  Our lives were forever changed from that moment on. The most important journey we would take had just begun.


I would love to help Greg in his mission to find a long-term treatment or even a cure for a GBM, but until then Greg’s experiences, comfort and fight is needed more and more each day to help those  facing this terrible type of cancer. Supporting Greg’s Mission will help ensure other individuals, families and caregivers who experience a day like our January 25th are not alone.


Kellie a native of Marshalltown, Iowa is involved in the Cedar Rapids community through volunteering at numerous events and fundraisers for local charities.  Her daughter Jasmyne is her pride and joy. Jasmyne attends Wartburg College. Building relationships and helping others are cornerstones Kellie takes real pride in.

Kellie Lindblom

Randall "Randy" Broadrick

Randy has worked in the entertainment industry in the field of corporate security management for the past 20 years for three recognized entertainment companies operating in Los Angeles, California.


In early 2015 a very close friend of Randy’s was diagnosed with a Grade IV Glioblastoma (GBM) brain tumor. Equipped with intimate knowledge of how devastating this diagnosis can be, and understanding that GBM is not known well in the mainstream by comparison to other cancers is what prompted Randy to seek out knowledge about long term survivors in an effort to help his friend. In his quest to find out more about GBM he learned about Greg and his mission and felt an immediate need, want to do something more to help others. After many conversations between Greg and Randy over a period of time a friendship developed and Randy was asked to join the Board of Greg’s Mission, and he willingly accepted.

Gregs New Photo Randall Broadbick

Kevin Lindblom

Mr. Lindblom is owner / partner of Your Vision Financial Group.  After graduating from the University of Iowa, he has been in the financial industry for 12+ years.  He is Vice President of the Eastern Iowa Society of Financial Professionals.


Kevin is extremely passionate in working on the board due to the fact that his mother, Judy Lindblom, battled Glioblastoma Multiforme for over 2 years before she lost the battle in 2009.

Kevin Lindbloom Steph