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Greg's Mission 1st Blog - Who is Greg

By gregsmissi59035631, Jan 15 2016 08:19PM

I was 30 years old when he was diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM), a primary brain tumor. Even though I had the support from my family and friends I didn’t know anyone that could relate to the fight I was about to embark on or beaten the same type of cancer. In 2012 I founded a non-profit called Greg’s Mission.

Greg’s Mission provides support, HOPE, education, current resources and awareness to patients suffering from brain tumors especially Glioblastoma Multiforme (a grade IV primary brain tumor) via phone, email, skype and personal visits. I have dedicated my life to making sure that no person diagnosed with a brain tumor has to go through the experience alone and that no family or caregiver goes without support.

Since founding Greg’s Mission I have helped over 1700 patients, families and caregivers navigate their brain tumor journey. Additionally, I volunteers at MD Anderson, Cleveland Clinic and The Children’s Brain Tumor Foundation as a patient mentor and advocate. I have spoken at pharmaceutical companies such as MERCK, EMD Serono, EISAI and Arbor Pharmaceuticals. I have also spoken at conferences such as the American Society of Neuroradiology, The International Consortium for Innovation and Quality in Pharmaceutical Development, American Society for Neuroradiology and the University of Iowa Psychosocial Neuro Science Conference.

Greg’s Mission has become my life. I believe I survived this devastating diagnosis for a reason, which is to provide the much needed support from someone who can honestly say “I know how you feel. I have been in your shoes.” I have walked down a path of uncertainty and continue to do so with patients who are diagnosed with a GBM, their families and caregivers past, present and future.

I was recently recognized as one of the Cure Magazines GBM Heroes. This award was given to four people and I was honored to be one of them. This award was for going above and beyond the standard of GBM care.

Thank you for visiting. I am goiung to end my first and rather lengthy blog post with a quote which I came up with.

"Staying positive can be hard at times, but you have to focus on what you believe your outcome will be. I am going to kick cancer's butt! Stay strong, get rest when you need it and call on your friends and family for support. To admit that you need help is not a sign of weakness. You are not a statistic! You should be treated as a person not as a diagnosis."

Thank you,


Feb 22 2016 04:03AM by Kamalika

I heard you speak at the brain tumor convention in Chicago. Very helpful seeing I was only weeks out of surgery. I had a oligodendra glioma grade 3. It seems like most people have sugergy do chemo and live there merry lives. I don't know how much preventive stuff I should be doing? Its almost like its done and over and not to worry. I just don't know if over people go into this false safety feeling of clean MRIs?

Mar 23 2016 08:41PM by James(Jim) Parker

Hi Greg, Just a quick note. I was in for an operation to remove my tumor on 2/22/2016. 38 hours later, i was sent home The doc and nurses told me I was doing excellent and I felt excellent and have felt that way ever since. I have gotten many prayers and words of positivity from all over the world. So many, I have started Prayers for many myself. Follow me on facebook, you will see. lol That alone has been making me feel so great also. Just thought I would let you know why the contact and what's going on with me. GOD BLESS and Thank you.\ for all I have seen of yours to this point.

Sep 18 2016 11:33AM by Marta Rice

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